Should Wizard hit mommy?


Once there was a man Jack. he has a daughter her name was Jo. Jack used to tell stories to the Jo when she was very young in order to make her sleep. Gradually Jo was accustomed to the stories. She did not sleep without listening to the stories from  Jack was very irritated now he decided to tell same stories to her for instance Rodger fish Rodger crocodile Rodger pig Rogers squarrel these were the characters of the stories every time these characters had some problems and there problem was sorted out by a wizard when the problem was solved then Wizard ask for money when they don't have money then wizard  tell them a way to earn money and give it to him like this everyone become so happy and they celebrate this was the usual and of the story but one day a Jack told a very different story which was never expected by Jo. Jack asked his daughter about name of the character she immediately told it should be a skunk is an American animal who smells very bad. so the story started.once an animal named Rodger skunk he smelled very bad so everyone try to to avoid him and nobody wanted to become his day he went to an owl and ask for the suggestion it will told him hi he should go to a wizard who can solve its problem very easily. Rodger skunk decided to go to visit in between Jo asked her dead that whether the spells  are real .this was very intristic question. without replying Jack went ahead with the story Wizard used to live in a very shrinking hurt which was not very clean when Rodger skunk patted on the door of the then a tiny little old man came out and asked about his wish without thinking for a while hi told all the problems in one go when Wizard asked the which is smelly like most Rogers come told he wanted to be smelled like roses desert changed his smell in to the smell of the roses Jo was very happy because she knew what lies ahead she knew that now with Rodger will be impressed by all his friends as well as his mother will also appreciate him and like this they will celebrate so she started giving less attention to the stories his father was looking everything suar tend to believe he was very irritated when he saw that now Jo was paying no more attention to the stories he asked do whether she was listening or not she said yes that I am just coming please yes I am listening Jack decided to change the ending he did not like any woman to to take anything for granted without being told when rojas girl comes to his mother she was very irritated with this smile hud has changed your smile she asked Rogers can he told about the wizard then she took her umbrella and went to the with the she hit the wizard on the head and asked him to change the smell of Rodger skunk Wizard accepted and changed this Mel now his father came and they all celebrated together finally this story got an ant but this she did not expect this end she as did to change the ending of the story jaj Jax Jag was very Adamant he did not change he said that stories like this and you have to hear it like this Jo wanted that result should eat mother back in his should say no I will not change this smell of this can because now he is liked by all of his friends Jet told her dad loved his mother more than anyone else and he knew that whatever his mother is doing is correct

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