Once upon a a time. There was a man called Ratrapper.He was very poor. He used to steal things when he wasn't able to find food. He was petty theief. One Day he went outside to steal some food. He saw an old man's house. It was very shabby. After knocking the door he saw an old man standing on the door. 

The man welcomed the thief. That day rattraper understood that people in this world are alone. They want company of someone to talk to peace them. That old man asked him if he want to play rummy. Thief agreed. They also eat porridge and fish. Not only this old man gave him shelter to sleep. 

While waking in morning old man showed his pension of 30croner.Now thief understood his next job.when Old man went out side with his cow. Thief broke his window and took 30croner money and went away in a forest. He wasn't able to find his way in the Forest. Very soon he realised that he was also stuck in rattrap. Where humans are lured by  the wealth.

When they try to get the money then they are stuck in rattrap. Same has happened with that thief. He was also lured by the money of Old man. After moving for a while he saw some people who were making iron tools from iron ore very soon he realised that he has found and iron mill in that forest iron was being born there so without he went inside to take some warmth from the Fire that iron mil belongs to an iron master who was very punctual everyday he used to come to visit the iron mill and he also saw the people working there and nobody was absent during the verb when he was sitting there and taking some warm from the fire,

 he saw ironmaster coming towards him when ironmaster instructed all his labour to the work he reached to the thief and looked him closely with the them live realise that it was his friend Jerry Pujari.

     ...... how come you got into this position when did you leave your job if I would have accompanied you I would have never allowed you to leave your job now don't worry come to my house in celebrate Christmas there thief was detected first then he disagree to the offer made by ironmaster ironmaster thought that in such a pity condition how he was feeling shame to come to his house so he said that there is no one in my house except me and my daughter Alia Ben 23 premium adamant.

  he did not accept the offer of ironmaster on the one side he was thinking about his money he thought that if he will go to the house he will be in trouble due to money that he has stolen from the old man ironmaster went away next come his daughter Alia CR the man to come to her house and celebrate the Christmas to the thief and tried to pull his cap out he realised the man was afraid of something very soon she could also figure out that this man had either stolen something or he was fear of been discovered.

      she invited him to the feast in her house during Christmas time thief did not refuse the offer he immediately said that the mistress like you coming for a person like me is an incredible thing that has never happened in his life agreed to come to their home he said into the Volkswagen brought by the girl when he reached to the house he was given clothes by the servant his beard was also shaved of personality has completely changed from a pity human to a rich person when he came into the light ironmaster realised that it was someone else and not his friend ironmaster threatened him to call the police thief defended himself by saying that world is a rat trap per and he himself was attracted to the wealth that's why I accepted his offer ironmaster laugh uncontrollably at the same time he also asked him to leave immediately and never to come back but Alia stopped him we asked his father if they can provide him good food during Christmas sincere is thief so he had never slipped into peace hence demanded her father if taken keep the thief in their house for one day and show all the hospitality she wanted the thief to be treated like captain the father agreed at the same time we also reminded alien not to require it for the decision that she is making today thief was given food and clothes he was also given a shelter where he could sleep without any tension of running away from the place when caught by the police retrica clipped peacefully in the evening he was called for the meal Christmas after having the meal,

 we said thank you to ironmaster and his daughter and again went to sleep next day after having is coffee again went to sleep he slept a lot next day when iron master and his daughter went to the church for prayer did the disturb their guests by waking him in the prayer hall they heard about the thief who has stolen 30 Coral from an old man that earlier used to work in the iron mills of ironmaster now iron master was very angry on the earlier for the great hospitality to thief they ran from the prayer hall and reach to their house to see that everything was ok,

 when they reached to their home servant inform them that everything was fine and that thief has not taken anything in fact he has dropped something for the madam it was gift made by thief when Alia open the gift things are that there was the bread inside which 30 rupee note was struck not only this there was a letter written by The Thief in which the thief has turned to the Aliya for such in hospitality and peaceful environment you also think earlier for raising him from a petty thief to a captain.

Thank you 

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