Champaran story of Gandhi ji


 He said I am Rajkumar Shukla. I am from Champaran .and I want you to come to my district. Gandhi had never heard of the place .it was in the foothills of the Himalayas near the kingdom of Nepal .and an ancient arrangement the Champaran peasants work there.  Rajkumar Shukla was one of them. He was a little bit weak but resolute. and somebody had probably said "speak to Gandhi" Gandhi"# told Shukla he had an appointment in cawnpore and was also committed to go to other parts of India Shukla accompanied him everywhere then Gandhi returned to his Ashram near Ahmedabad Shukla followed him to the Ashram for weeks he never left countryside fix a date he begged impressed by the sharecropper at the necessity and storing and the said I have to be in Calcutta on such and such state come and meet me and keep me from their months passed Shukrawar sitting on his haunches at the appointed spot in Calcutta when Gandhi arrived he wanted he waited till Gandhi was free then the two of them both it rain for the city of Patna in Bihar there Shukla led him into house of a lawyer named Rajendra who later became President Of Congress Party end of India.

 Rajendra Prasad was out of town but servants new Shukla as a poor your men who tested their master to help the Indigo sharecroppers so they let him stay on the grounds with his companion Gandhi whom they took to be and the present but Gandhi was not permitted to draw water into from the well some drops of his buckets pollute the entire source how did they know that he was not untouchable Gandhiji decided to Bofors to Muzaffarnagar which was En Route to Champaran option more information about conditions in Shukla was capable of imparting hi accordingly send a telegram to the professor JB kripalani of the arts college in Muzaffarnagar whom he had seen a chequered Shantiniketan School the train arrived at midnight 15 April 1917.

    .....  Kriplani was waiting at the station with a large body of students Gandhi stayed there for two months in the home of Professor Malkani in a teacher or in government school it was an extraordinary thing in those days Gandhi commented for a government professor to Harbour a man like me in smaller localities the Indians were afraid to show sympathy for the advocates of home rule the news of Gandhi's advent and the nature of his mission spread quickly throughout the Muzaffarnagar and to Champaran sharecroppers from Champaran begin arriving at food by a convenience to see the champion Muzaffarnagar lawyer calls on Gandhi to break from their frequently represented as a ground encode the told him about the cases and reported,

                                                                  the size of their field Gandhiji did the lawyers for for collecting big feet from the chair copper she said I have come to the conclusion that we should stop going to the lockwood's taking such cases to the court does not do little good to wear the pigeons are so crushed and feared strike and Lockout codes are used less the real relief for them is to be free from the fear most of their level and izzy Champaran distribute was divided to largest its own by English man and Indian tenants to chief commercial crop was in the villain blood compelled all since two plaits 323 of 15% of their Holdings with Indigo answer and the entire Indigo harvest is rent this was done by long-term contracts P since the landlord's learn that Germany had developed synthetic in their upon option agreement from the share croppers to pay them compensation sperm being released from the company from 15% arrangements the share cropping arrangements option to the presence and many cyient willingly those who resisted engaged lawyer the landlord's hire thugs main wild information about sensitive skin due to the electorate feasance who has signed and they wanted their money back at this point in the arrived in Champaran he began by trying to get the facts first Vista signature of British LAN drivers association the secretary to leave that they could give no information to an outsider Ham the answer that he was not outside their next Gandhi call you on British official commissioner related division in which a Champaran district leave the Commissioner.

       ... Gandhi reports proceeded to believe me and advised me to leave the place immediately Gandhi did not leave instead he proceeded to Motihari the capital Gandhi head  protracted interviews with the Lieutenant Governor who as a result appointed an official commission of enquiry into the Indigo sharecroppers situation the commission consisted of landlord government officials and Gandhi as the sole representative of the pigeons Gandhi remained in Champaran for an initial and trusted period of seven months and then again for several starter visits the visit undertaken casually on integrity of an unrelated pigeons in the expectation that it would last a few days occupied almost a year Gandhi is life the official enquiry assembles a crushing mountain of evidence is against the big planters and when they saw this they agreed in principle to make refunds to the pigeons but how much must repay the as Gandhi thought he would demand payment in full of the money which they had illegally kept with them but Gandhi asked only 50% thinking probably that he would not give way the representative of planters offered to refund extent of 25% and to his amazement Mr Gandhi took it took him in his word does Breaking the deadlock this settlement was adopted in atmosphere by the commission Gandhi explain that the amount of refund was less important than the fact that the landlord had been published on the part of money and with this part of their Prestige.

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